Articulating your company’s response to the challenge of our lifetimes.


What story do you want to tell about the climate challenge?

We all recognise that it is time for action on climate change. With Glasgow hosting COP26, Britain has got the world’s attention: as a nation, we are committed to playing our part in driving down emissions.

And businesses are a powerful force in redressing the balance. UK plc can already tell stories of true transformation, and many companies have put sustainability at the heart of their operations.

Engaging, well-told stories of innovative thinking and committed action will hold great power with customers and talent alike.

At Kaptcha, we produce films for highly respected companies which bring their purpose to life. More than ever, that purpose now includes a response to the climate challenge.

Take a look at the film below, to see how we helped Legal & General communicate their message with integrity, sensitivity and commitment.


The L&G story.

“The investments we make are not just good for us, but the world. And that’s a promise.”

Over the coming decade, protecting the planet will not just be a corporate priority, it will demand careful communication.

Businesses must show genuine commitment to the road to Net Zero. They must present a way forward which consumers can believe in. They must differentiate from competitors, and give comfort to those finding change painful.

Our film for Legal & General is mindful of all these issues. Our script aligns pensions and the environment: they are both long-term concerns, and we show that L&G takes its role as custodian seriously, whether for its customers’ money, or for their futures.

And our screenplay makes “thinking about the future” an intensely personal story, showing that the effort we all make to protect the planet, as individuals or as corporate giants, is felt by every customer.

Why purpose?

Navigate for the long term

An extraordinary 100% of CEOs – up from under 40% in 2019 – agree that other stakeholder groups are more important than shareholders.

Attract the best talent

CEOs report that finding the right people will be their #1 challenge in the next five years. 77% of Millennials consider a company’s culture – including its approach to sustainability – before making an application.

Thrive with technology

CEOs continue to see technology as the most productive area for value creation. Purpose-led CEOs are twice as likely to feel they have created value through technology.

Grow in challenging times

CEOs with a clearly-defined purpose are 5-% more likely to feel that they have created new value through expansion or acquisition.

Statistics from BrandPie 2020 CEO Purpose Report.

Your story.

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