Our CSR Policy

Kaptcha are committed to being a socially responsible organisation.

We believe that our vision of being a socially responsible and legally compliant organisation helps to safeguard society and the planet for future generations as well as uniting us as an organisation in a vision that we can all believe in.

We believe a socially responsible organisation is more efficient, productive and profitable as well as being resilient to future challenges. We believe we can make a positive impact and have focused our CSR policies around three key pillars:

  • Workplace
  • Environment
  • Philanthropy
  • Community

We seek to work with organisations which we believe are doing good for the world – purposeful organisations who match our own vision and values to make positive impact in the world.

Our aim is to bring their purpose to life- anchoring ourselves at the heart of the organisations we work with, to deliver their values, engage their stakeholders and ultimately scale their impact.

Our CSR policy reflects our values and is integrated into our business strategy and measurable goals.


We unite and inspire the people within Kaptcha as well as those we serve by amplifying voices and perspectives to create a culture of belonging, equality, inclusion and fairness for all.

We’re continuing to recruit talented people who, like us, believe business can and should be a force for good.

Our Employees

Diversity & Inclusion

We are on a journey to becoming more diverse as a core team. We recognise that diversity of the Kaptcha team and our culture of inclusivity drives innovation and creativity.

Kaptcha is an equal opportunities employer. People are recruited regardless of gender, age, ethnic background, sexual orientation or religion.

We have set targets to ensure continual improvement with this, which are reviewed on a quarterly basis. These targets include:

  • We strive to promote gender equality. Our goal is to achieve 25 percent higher female representation on shoots and within the core team by 2025.
  • We strive for ethnic diversity within our team. Our goal is to achieve 25 percent higher ethnic minority representation on shoots and within the core team by 2025.
  • We apply the same criteria to our freelancers and have implemented annual diversity and inclusivity targets as above to our hiring of freelancers too.

Work Empowerment & Well-Being

Kaptcha are committed to conducting our global operations ethically and with respect for the dignity of all people who are involved in producing our films.

  • We aim to enrich the quality of work and life for everyone in our supply chain, providing the opportunity for them to reach their full potential in a safe and inclusive environment.
  • We attend to the physical, emotional, social and financial needs of our employees and their families. Employees are allowed discretionary flexible working hours and sabbaticals.
  • Kaptcha pays a minimum of the London Living Wage (minimum £21,000 p.a. pro rata) to all employees.
  • Kaptcha have a hybrid working policy, working collaboratively in the office on a team day at a minimum of once a week and working from home for the remainder of the week (with exception of weeks where we are on location).
  • We operate to a high standard of ethics, we have established internal financial controls, a company whistleblower policy and a written code of ethics.


We encourage all employees to build their skills and prepare for the future through ongoing training and development programmes, shadowing opportunities and mentorship from our senior leadership team.

  • Kaptcha are committed to investing in team members who require training and development. Dedicated and occupational training is identified as an ongoing requirement, and training needs are reviewed every six months.
  • Our goal is to offer a minimum of two training courses per employee per year, to improve their current skillset and explore other industry-specific skills.
  • All major strategic decisions are discussed collaboratively and involve employees at the earliest opportunity, including the one-year and three-year business plan.


Climate Positive Workforce

Kaptcha are currently working towards our B Corp certification. A holistic approach to managing how the organisation operates- meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

On Location

On location, Kaptcha have implemented various initiatives which the crew adhere to. These are in place to reduce our impact on the environment, and encourage sustainable practices such as the following:

  • When organising shoot logistics, our team are committed to using sustainable transport and green accommodation where possible. Hotel accommodation choices are guided by those which show sustainability commitments.
  • We are responsible for providing a recycling station on shoots: including paper, plastic and other waste- which we dispose of at the end of each day.
  • An electronic call sheet and risk assessment (plus other relevant paperwork) is distributed to the client and all crew involved prior to the shoot, to minimise the use of materials in printing.
  • For international shoots, where available we use trusted local crews to minimise on flights and travel.


Pro-Bono Project

Every year, Kaptcha offer a chosen charity or organisation the opportunity to create a film (with a value of £10,000 ex. VAT), completely free of charge, with our team. We work with the organisation like any other client. We target this towards charities and organisations which aim to have a significant positive impact on our planet and people. Watch our promo reel below:

Why are we doing this?

Our vision at Kaptcha is to bring purpose to life.

From businesses to charities, healthcare to finance, purpose is the engine that powers change.

We seek to work with organisations where we feel we align on our vision and values. Kaptcha pledges to support these organisations, taking real steps towards a better planet.

This project also provides our Kaptcha creatives with an opportunity to push the creative boundaries, taking the creative reins and produce some conversation-starting content.


Tom's Story


The Great Chefs Dinner


Work Experience & Internships

  • Kaptcha offers a work experience programme within the local community in South Buckinghamshire, providing training to youth and students in full-time education, teaching editing, filming and production skills- all the way through from pre- to post-production.
  • We do our best to ensure each placement offers varied experience, including elements of practical production work.

Staff Volunteering

Kaptcha encourage our employees to volunteer year-round for social and environmental causes that our teams feel passionately about.

Kaptcha employees can take on average on paid day per quarter (up to four paid days per year) to volunteer for those organisations and/or to provide education and skills for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our Suppliers

We continue building transparency and trust with our partners. To achieve this, we have strived to develop mutual, long-term, positive impacts across our supply chain. We work with a pool of freelancers who we have developed strong relationships with over the years of working together.

On shoot, Kaptcha are dedicated to using local suppliers and crew where possible. Trading with local suppliers helps strengthen smaller businesses, all while reducing our carbon footprint through reduced travel time and deliveries and benefitting the local economy by employing local people.

Our Clients

Kaptcha empower purposeful organisations who match our own vision and values to make positive impact in the world, we strive to help them develop as responsible businesses.

Organisations can use their purpose to provide leverage to their brand; in building belief, inspiring meaningful change, creating a positive impact and growing sustainably.

The role of Kaptcha is to aid this process, in transferring insight and information from the organisation to the audience, hence steering the organisation further towards fulfilling that purpose.

We have signed and support The Better Business Act to align the long-term interests of people, planet and profit.

Our CSR Policy

This policy and our progress on our targets and objectives will be reviewed annually by the senior management team and all discussions and actions minuted.

Richard Thomson
CEO & Founder

January 2023