December 2022 Newsletter

By The Kaptcha Team

Celebrating awards success and raising awareness for diverse thinking with Legal & General – it has been a rewarding month for us at Kaptcha.

Recently our Founder, Richard Thomson, and the team at Legal & General attended the 2022 Corp Comms Awards and successfully won their category in the ‘Best Leadership Communication’. It was rewarding to celebrate all the hard work alongside L&G from the past year. The winning film was a Carpool Karaoke-inspired leadership piece with one of their CEO’s.

Our Sales and Marketing team have been working away on a brand-new offering. The Kaptcha Subscription service is a new facet we will be offering to our clients in the 2023 season. Key features of this new offering will be a comprehensive points system to gain access to our creative arsenal at the drop of a hat, as well as direct contact to your dedicated Producer. We look forward to sharing the blueprint to this very soon!

Changing Perceptions and Communication Methods

To round up, November has been a busy month and one project of note has been particularly enjoyable to work on. Working alongside the agency Like Minds in collaboration with Legal & General. The campaign was aimed at raising awareness for Dyslexic Thinking, changing perceptions and communication methods in the corporate world, carving out a more inclusive corporate landscape.

Our Creative Director, Richard Cousins, has a way of putting contributors at complete ease in front of the camera, providing space for their authentic stories and to clearly communicate any key learning points. The shoot made for a very honest, reflective series of mini films highlighting key areas companies need to combat to increase accessibility and communications for neo-diverse thinkers and clients. It also highlighted how diverse thinking is highly advantageous in the workspace, helping with problem-solving and the ability to bring fresh ideas to the table.

We recently shot in Shoreditch for a theatrical End of Year film with Legal & General. A multi-talented member of their team wrote an insightful poem about their team and how they work together, elevate one another. The piece is to be presented on a big screen at their End of Year event. Films like this bring everyone together for a common cause and communicate a friendly warmth around your company as well as your work culture.

To finish on a high note, we wanted to say a big thank you to all our clients this year for all your love and support. Without you, Kaptcha wouldn’t be what it is today.

We hope you have a relaxing, refreshing break and that you are looking forward to what the New Year brings.

We love to receive feedback on our offering here at Kaptcha. It provides guidance and reassurance on what works for our clients and highlights the strengths within our team. Below are some testimonials shared from a handful of our clients.

"Kaptcha are a partner for what we do. It's that creativity, that experience, that guidance that I get."

BAE Systems

"It's been a terrific tool for generating new business."


"They are all so professional. They are so quick to turn things around. I don't know how they do it."


We look forward to discussing creative ideas, concepts, and strategy. Harnessing the power of film is what we do best, connecting with your audience emotionally, boosting belief and driving engagement. Drop us an email or connect with us on LinkedIn.

Richard Thomson

Richard is CEO of Kaptcha. He cut his teeth at the BBC, where he directed some of their biggest and most engaging shows including Top Gear, Crimewatch and Holiday. Bringing these skills to the corporate world, he then launched the multi award-winning HSBC TV. Today he harnesses the power of film to tell the engaging stories behind the brands, creating real change in the way audiences – internal and external - feel and think.

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