February 2023 Newsletter

By The Kaptcha Team

From driving purposeful messages for Legal & General, to unravelling our storytelling process, read on to find out more in our February issue.

Legal & General is well known for its purpose of ‘Inclusive Capitalism’ whereby it protects its customers’ financial lives and creates value for shareholders, all while doing good for society. The breadth of its operations spans further than might be realised and benefits society in national efforts such as transitioning to net zero, levelling-up the economy and providing affordable housing, to name a few.

A notable investment made by Legal & General is with The Kensa Group, a UK manufacturer and installer of ground source heat pumps. With the cost-of-living crisis and an associated surge in energy prices, meaning 6 in 10 are now using less fuel in their homes, according to the Office for National Statistics (February 2023); Kensa helps provide affordable heat for residents’ across the UK, meaning they no longer need to choose between heating and eating.

Kaptcha were tasked with getting to the root of this story, pulling together various angles of how Legal & General’s investment will continue to benefit many stakeholders in the long-term.

It all starts with a storyboard

At Kaptcha, we believe in the power of clear communication and collaboration. That’s why when working on large video projects, we always begin with a hand-drawn storyboard. Our storyboards serve as a crucial tool in bringing our vision for the film to life and sharing this vision with our clients. It helps ensure everyone is on the same page and that the end result meets and exceeds expectations.

Not only do our storyboards clearly communicate the creative vision, but they also help us piece together the elements of the story and map out the flow of the film. This allows us to identify potential challenges and make adjustments before filming even begins, ensuring a smooth and seamless production process.

Our team always takes the time to get it right and we always strive for excellence in our work. Below are some recent shots of storyboards our talented Creative Director has been working on.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

We have recently updated our 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. If you’d like to receive a copy of this, please email us.

The Kaptcha team look forward to discussing your next video project with you.

We love to receive feedback on our offering here at Kaptcha. It provides guidance and reassurance on what works for our clients and highlights the strengths within our team. Below are some testimonials shared from a handful of our clients.

"Kaptcha are a partner for what we do. It's that creativity, that experience, that guidance that I get."

BAE Systems

"It's been a terrific tool for generating new business."


"They are all so professional. They are so quick to turn things around. I don't know how they do it."


We look forward to discussing creative ideas, concepts, and strategy. Harnessing the power of film is what we do best, connecting with your audience emotionally, boosting belief and driving engagement. Drop us an email or connect with us on LinkedIn.

Richard Thomson

Richard is CEO of Kaptcha. He cut his teeth at the BBC, where he directed some of their biggest and most engaging shows including Top Gear, Crimewatch and Holiday. Bringing these skills to the corporate world, he then launched the multi award-winning HSBC TV. Today he harnesses the power of film to tell the engaging stories behind the brands, creating real change in the way audiences – internal and external - feel and think.

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