Insight by Richard Thomson

With lockdown restrictions starting to change, there’s a wide range of filming options available, from fully remote production to trained location crews – and everything in between.

Each option caters for different needs while keeping your people safe within UK government guidelines. Most importantly, you can be sure the end result will build the emotional connection you need to land the message with your audience.

Here are the options we currently recommend:

Remote filming

With zero direct personal contact, Kaptcha guides your interviewees and presenters online to the best setup with the equipment they have available. Alternatively, we can provide a microphone for delivery to your spokesperson’s home for professional quality audio. This option can also be used to shoot cutaways of activities or remote locations.

Professional location filming

We safely shoot location footage of building exteriors or work processes, combined with interview material using the remote filming option. This option also involves no direct personal contact.

Professional interview filming

Where your internal guidelines allow, we send a small crew trained in the safe working practices used by broadcasters. Our crews have been shooting safe interviews throughout the lockdown for news broadcasters, and use the same processes for this option.

Production without new filming

We re-edit existing footage, including raw footage from your previous projects, user generated content and commercial archive material. Animation is another way to work around location restrictions.

Live streaming

We produce a live virtual event to bring your people together, mixing edited videos into the live stream.

Right now, there are some amazing stories out there, and your people are making tremendous sacrifices to help people in need. We can film those stories now, before they disappear – even if you don’t use the footage until later.

We help companies create more emotional connections with their audiences. What inspiring stories should we safely gather for you?

Richard Thomson

Richard is CEO of Kaptcha. He cut his teeth at the BBC, where he directed some of their biggest and most engaging shows including Top Gear, Crimewatch and Holiday. Bringing these skills to the corporate world, he then launched the multi award-winning HSBC TV. Today he harnesses the power of film to tell the engaging stories behind the brands, creating real change in the way audiences – internal and external - feel and think.

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