Insight by Richard Heeley

People often ask about what we do about the rain. Very expensive commercial shoots and movies pay for weather insurance, but, generally we don’t and that’s because it’s costly, and unless it’s really important that you only shoot in sunshine it isn’t really worth it.

What I’ve discovered over the years is that it very rarely rains hard for very long. There have been exceptions, but generally, if you leave it an hour or two, things clear up anyway.

However, the way to deal with rain is to shoot with it. A lot of things actually look visually great in the rain – cars can look spectacular in the rain for example. Cameras and equipment can be put in rain covers and the crew carry waterproofs – we can still shoot in the rain.

The only real problem is when the rain combines with wind and blows back into the lens – that can be a bit tricky. But, as I say, that only happens once in a blue moon.

So, don’t worry about the rain, we’ll work with it, or we’ll work around it.