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Equal Parental Leave 2018
Aviva - Equal Parental Leave 2019
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
The Intelligence Network US
BAE System Applied Intelligence - The Intelligence Network US
Rolls Royce Engines
Our vision and strategy
Rolls-Royce - Our Vision and Strategy
Launch Film
Launched in June 2018, Archax (www.archax.com) is a new institutional-grade exchange for trading crypto/digital assets, built for institutions and run in a regulated manner with them in mind. Archax wanted a launch film for their website homepage to explain their offering and get across the passion of the founders and the potential for this exiting new venture. Being based in the same building as the original London Stock Exchange, we made the most of during filming.
Thomas Sanderson
Brand Film
Thomas Sanderson came to us with a problem, their products were extremely high quality, but their existing sales materials didn’t completely align with the quality of their products.  Our challenge was to make a film that truly conveyed the quality behind the brand.  The solution was to show Thomas Sanderson's products in the best possible light, but also to see the genuine passion and belief the workforce had for the products they were making.
Equal Parental Leave
This was such a pleasure to work on - a great initiative from a great company. Aviva wanted a warm and uplifting film to launch the news that it was introducing equal paid parental leave rights for new mums and dads. We brought the new policy to life by showing what it means for the people who will have the opportunity to take it.
Baja 50
Rod Hall’s Half a Century in the Dirt
Calling on our broadcast pedigree, we partnered up with American production company, BluePassport Productions to produce a feature length documentary about legendary off-road racer, Rod Hall, the only man in the world who has taken part in every Baja 1000 off-road race there has ever been.  Now 80 years old and battling Parkinsons Disease, this is the story of Rod’s extraordinary life, racing career, and his struggle to make it into a race car one last time for the 50th Baja 1000.
Small Business Accounting
Where we can we try and avoid ‘talking heads’, but there are times when the best way to convey a message is for someone to talk directly to the camera. However, as this film shows, that doesn’t mean they have to sit in one place. Why not have them walking through a series of different locations? And, even better, those locations should resonate with the content so that rather than distracting from the narrative, the surrounding images actually reinforce the message.
Kids on Comms
What is Employee Engagement?
What is Employee Engagement? It’s a question even some hardened Comms professionals can find hard to answer. As the saying goes - Out of the mouths of babes…. so we asked children what they thought ‘Employee Engagement’ meant. Thanks to Will McGinley and PQA Academy Barnet for all their help with the filming and watch out for the brilliant Briana Shann who went on to star in Ken Loach’s 'I, Daniel Blake'.
So the World Builds Better
Following the merger of cement, concrete and aggregates companies, Lafarge and Holcim, one French and one Swiss, we were briefed to make a film that would unite the entire workforce behind the common aim of helping the World Build Better.  Against a background of historic competition, the idea was to make everyone realise that they should work together, combining the best of both companies to lead the world in construction materials and helping to improve the living conditions of millions around the globe.
Living Wage
Aviva wanted to highlight the fact that it had joined some 3,500 UK employers who have signed up to pay the Living Wage. It quickly became clear that the best way of getting the message across was to tell the story of someone who had genuinely benefitted from the agreement. Lynn Hanner, an indomitable cleaner based in the Aviva Norwich office, proved to be the perfect case study to show what impact the new policy was having on those who really needed the support.
Legal & General
Our Purpose
Legal & General wanted a film that would help them convey their purpose. Part of the brief was that the film would be required to work effectively in various different locations and platforms, including some without sound. We started by working with L&G to distill their comprehensive purpose and strategy documents into some straightforward, simple and clear messaging, that could form the basis of a film script. The script was then brought to life as animated text, creating a film that caught the eye, working equally well with or without sound.
Collective Intelligence
As soon as we met the dynamic and charismatic boss of ThinkTank, Matt Wenger, we knew the best thing we could do was put him in front of the camera and let him tell the story himself. For maximum impact we used an EyeDirect periscope on the front of the camera so Matt could maintain eye contact with the director at the same time as looking directly into the camera. Finally we carefully chose some stock footage clips to add some gentle humour and memorability to the films.
Brand Film
There are times when time and budget mean that filming all material from scratch isn’t a practical solution. This film demonstrates how it is still possible to convey the message in a dramatic and engaging way with a sense of scale by careful selection of stock footage combined with dynamic, pacey graphics.
FS Sector
Financial Services Showreel
Financial Services showreel.
Subject to Change
The brief was for a series of films in the style of TED Talks, but with a recognisably EY feel. The concept had to be shot in a series of different locations around the world according to contributor availability, but still feel part of the same campaign. The execution made use of green screen so that we could film at locations convenient to the senior EY people taking part. The yellow box and graphic elements were then added to match the EY yellow branding, and bring the content to life in an interesting and memorable way.
Rishi Dastidar
Cheerleader Poem
The brief was simple, bring Rishi Dastidar’s poem to life, but for minimum outlay. We quickly realised that the cheapest way to illustrate a poem is to simply record the sound of an actor reading it, and if you’re going to hire an audio studio to do that, you actually have a free location to make a film. So the idea was simple, film actor Lisa Ronaghan performing the poem – and let the viewer’s imagination do the rest…
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