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Data Driven Energy

How we created new pride in a growing business, transforming its sector.

The client

Westwood is the home of reliable and multi-disciplinary intelligence for the energy markets.

It provides actionable insight that oil and gas businesses, industry bodies and investors need to answer their strategic, technical and commercial questions.

The brief

Westwood has an enviable reputation as a trusted source of market data in oil and gas. But this is a sector with multiple specialisms and regions: North American deep-sea exploration is a different game to land rigs in the Middle East.

Westwood had already put significant effort into its brand and approached Kaptcha with a simple yet daunting brief: to encapsulate and communicate the company’s approach to market analytics meaningfully to all these communities, whether prospects or existing clients, globally.

Creative with Purpose

Westwood is one of the few businesses to power a new degree of information-driven discipline in the energy industry. We wanted to reflect the future-facing nature of the business and the strength of its analysis and data integrity with a corporate feel.

Equally, it was important to acknowledge the contribution Westwood makes to real-world ‘boots on the ground’ drilling. The graphics therefore included a prevalent ‘binary’ motif throughout, with each visual coalescing to form rigs, tankers, pipelines and more. It’s a narrative which reflects a transformative progression in the sector.


Our film for Westwood is an evolution in the company: the first time it has moved beyond the static image.

Clients and staff alike feel pride in being part of a growing Group. For salespeople in client presentations, our film demonstrates the quality of the business.

Watch the video testimonial below.


“We have a presentation that is multipurpose – a single piece of film that we have put front-and-centre of our new website and that we use at the startup events that communicate who we are. Internally, it definitely gave us and the staff a sense of who we are and where we’re going. And externally, if you’re watching this and you didn’t know Westwood, you’d absolutely understand now.”

Gareth Hector, Group Head of Marketing, Westwood Global Energy Group


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