September 2022 Newsletter

By The Kaptcha Team

September has been full of creative highs here at Kaptcha. From the creation of Roll-E, our mischievous office chair on a mission, filming a bunch of Diversity & Inclusion pieces, as well as a new series for the Great Minds channel.

We have been working alongside Korean educational channel EBS, for their show ‘Great Minds’.

Recently we interviewed neuroscientist Hannah Critchlow at the Ironmongers Hall, where she discussed how much of our future selves are determined by inherent cognitive functioning. Hannah’s talk explored whether we could outsmart our own DNA. She was an absolute joy to work with.

It was a great honour and privilege to also film Richard Dawkins for his episode on the channel, unpicking his perspective on the Theory of Evolution.

The set for this shoot was in a 17th Century Manor House in Oxford, which we staged with props as well as using two large lighting units to give us consistent lighting levels. Lighting plays a subliminal role in communicating the mood, the atmosphere and aiding storytelling.

In each episode, we cut between five separate camera shots, providing different perspectives, and picking up on details like hand gestures, body movements and facial expressions. Seamlessly cutting between these angles allows the viewer to engage with the body language and mood of the speaker.

Conservationist Ian Redmond was an inspiringly passionate speaker, and the close-ups allowed his passion for conservation to shine through. This approach to a basic interview allowed us to communicate Ian’s infectious energy to the audience in a visual way.

The team at Great Minds were a delight to work with. Feel free to subscribe to their YouTube channel for more content.

We love to receive feedback on our offering here at Kaptcha. It provides guidance and reassurance on what works for our clients and highlights the strengths within our team. Below are some testimonials shared from a handful of our clients.

"Kaptcha are a partner for what we do. It's that creativity, that experience, that guidance that I get."

BAE Systems

"It's been a terrific tool for generating new business."


"They are all so professional. They are so quick to turn things around. I don't know how they do it."


As we head into the winter months, we look forward to working closely alongside our clients on their upcoming campaigns and film projects. Kaptcha have some exciting projects in the pipeline, including the premiere of Roll-E in next month’s issue. We can’t wait to share with you what we’ve been up to.

We look forward to discussing creative ideas, concepts, and strategy. Harnessing the power of film is what we do best, connecting with your audience emotionally, boosting belief and driving engagement. Drop us an email or connect with us on LinkedIn.

Richard Thomson

Richard is CEO of Kaptcha. He cut his teeth at the BBC, where he directed some of their biggest and most engaging shows including Top Gear, Crimewatch and Holiday. Bringing these skills to the corporate world, he then launched the multi award-winning HSBC TV. Today he harnesses the power of film to tell the engaging stories behind the brands, creating real change in the way audiences – internal and external - feel and think.

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