We bring your purpose to life.

We live in a world that is changing before our eyes. New technologies and evolving customer tastes mean organisations must be more agile than ever. But there is one guiding light which doesn’t change and which represents an organisation’s heart, whatever the shape of the economy.

We think that purpose is the flag around which your customers and employees can unite. It’s the values which inspire effort and create delight. And it’s the engine for change which allows businesses to be felt in the heart of their communities.

At Kaptcha, we tell those stories – and so move people to take real action.


We helped KPMG launch a new purpose driven product to market.


Our film helped Andiamo reach 100 new investors in 6 countries and reach a term sheet of $5m.


We helped Aviva improve diversity data-gathering by 150% in just one month.

Kaptcha helps Purpose-Driven brands use the power of film to boost belief in their organisation and what it stands for.

The benefits

Navigate for the long term

An extraordinary 100% of CEOs – up from under 40% in 2019 – agree that other stakeholder groups are more important than shareholders.

Attract the best talent

CEOs report that finding the right people will be their #1 challenge in the next five years. 77% of Millennials consider a company’s culture before making an application.

Thrive with technology

CEOs continue to see technology as the most productive area for value creation. Purpose-led CEOs are twice as likely to feel they have created value through technology.

Grow in challenging times

CEOs with a clearly-defined purpose are 5-% more likely to feel that they have created new value through expansion or acquisition.

Statistics from BrandPie 2020 CEO Purpose Report.

Hear more.

From our clients.

You can learn plenty more about putting purpose to work from our clients.

Our webinar, “Bringing Purpose to Life”, run in association with the Content Marketing Association, featured:

  • Alexandra Buxton, Culture and Talent Director, Fortnum & Mason
  • Malaika Oyortey, Special Events Manager, NSPCC
  • Minda Galvin, Group Head of Content and Creative, Provident Financial Group

They explained why purpose matters to their organisations and shared their ideas for successfully delivering on a purpose-driven leadership strategy.

Click below to watch the webinar.

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Duration: 28 minutes

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