Why us?

Our clients.

We’ve staked our reputation on making expertly-crafted and engaging video which digs deep into the sense of purpose which we think lies at the heart of every business.

Because that’s what we love to do, we’ve attracted some of the most ambitious and forward-thinking organisations as clients. You can hear about the Kaptcha experience in their own words below.


Why us?

Kaptcha DNA.

Of course, we’re a business with purpose, too. We’re a brand full of heart, helping other brands discover the values and principles at their heart. Here’s our recipe:

We have a diverse and talented team, steeped in heavyweight broadcast and corporate filmmaking experience. Our CEO, Richard Thomson, is the directorial talent behind world-famous BBC icons including Top Gear, Crimewatch, the BBC’s F1 coverage and Gardener’s World. Everyone on your crew comes with a similar storytelling pedigree.

We’re natural problem solvers and we’ll always work with you to tackle whatever challenge is thrown our way. From working with children to navigating subjects of extraordinary sensitivity, our experience and creative eye will always deliver.

We love what we do – because our work moves people and organisations alike. Positivity is at the heart of our business: we’re always on your side; and our clients tell us that our enthusiasm is infectious!

We want the experience of working with us to be as exhilarating as the creative result. We’re honest, inclusive, transparent and scrupulously fair. And we’re professional and proactive. Many clients have come to us year after year, and it’s our pleasure to work with them in partnership as their purpose and communications strategies develop.

But that’s just what we think. Take a moment to hear from some of our customers above.

Your story.

Let's talk.

We meet the people. We capture the moment. And we tell the story, with expertise, passion and integrity.

Because we think that what motivates you and your team to get out of bed every morning is going to be interesting to a world of other people, too. Those are the stories we tell.

Let’s talk about your story. Email hello@kaptcha.tv or call us on 020 7483 4491.

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