The client

BAE Systems is possibly the UK’s best known defence specialist. As the nature of the threat has changed, so has the business.

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence helps nations, governments and businesses around the world defend themselves against cybercrime, reduce their risk in the connected world, comply with regulation and transform their operations.

The brief

Kaptcha has worked with BAE Systems on several projects, both for internal communications and external-facing marketing. BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (BAE AI) approached us to develop a film which would have a transformative effect on BAE AI’s marketing and brand.

The company already has a reputation for operating at the cutting edge of cybersecurity. But potential customers (and the next generation of talent) might not know that the same skills and technologies are saving children’s lives in the service of police child exploitation and online protection (CEOP) teams. We were commissioned to tell that story.

Creative with Purpose

‘Molly’s Puzzle’ is, at heart, a customer testimonial. But we realised that we had to do so much more.

We had to demonstrate that the business has a much broader mission and purpose than defence. ‘Molly’s Puzzle’ explains how information technologies can be applied to many public sector problems.

We had to make the complex simple. We explained BAE AI’s contribution to Gloucestershire Constabulary simply and accessibly through the ‘puzzle’ metaphor. And we had to make the sensitive palatable; by intricately threading perspectives from both Gloucester Constabulary and BAE AI employees, effectively ‘solving the puzzle’ as the story is told.


‘Molly’s Puzzle’ makes a challenging but important story easier to tell, and it is therefore now a key part of BAE AI’s sales armoury.

It is also being used publicly as part of BAE AI’s web and social media activity, where it consistently generates an uplift in click-throughs to landing pages.

Watch the video testimonial below.


“At an internal award ceremony, ‘Molly’s Puzzle’ got a standing ovation. It’s an emotional story. But the way it’s presented, the music, and the way it was shot: that is where Kaptcha has managed to grab the essence of what we do, and turn it into something which creates emotion. And it makes people feel very proud to work here.”

David Romanis, Communications and Marketing Director, BAE Applied Intelligence


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