The client

Barclays calls itself a “British universal bank”.

With a global footprint built over more than 325 years, the business supports consumers and small businesses through retail banking services, and larger businesses and institutions through corporate and investment banking services.

The brief

In our connected world, most of the films we produce are consumed digitally – on laptops and computers. But many large organisations also want to express their purpose very publicly, in their physical estates.

We had already worked with Barclays on their CEO’s ‘Elevator Pitch’ video. Barclays approached us again to reflect the company’s purpose, people and global reach. It was to play on and launch their new giant media walls in their headquarters- a space where employees and customers might pass rapidly through. Our film would have to be visually arresting, only 90” long and understood even without audio.

Creative with Purpose

We created a clear script which explained the equal role of customers, employees and shareholders in the bank’s operation; and the importance of the company’s values to delivering on its mission.

This message was overlaid on stunningly shot footage we filmed of Barclays employees in its locations across the globe. In just one month, our crews shot in London, India, Germany in the various states in the US. This included both night and day aerial material shot in a helicopter to capture Barclays’ prestige global HQ at Canary Wharf.

From the start, we aimed to create visual material which could be re-used countless times to deliver consistent value.


Our film for Barclays has enjoyed pride of place on media walls in Barclays’ continental HQs in Canary Wharf and New York City.

But just as importantly, our B-roll footage has been used over 100 times since, in other Barclays corporate films, adding prestige and depth without any extra expense.


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