The client

Barclays is a global banking brand, and like all banks wants to keep its customers safe online.

The brief

It’s rare at Kaptcha we produce a seven minute film.

But this was special: for Barclays to be heard above the noise of other online security advice, we enlisted a key figure from the Anonymous hacking collective for a hair-raising, shock-a-minute interview which viewers are unlikely to forget.

Creative with Purpose

In this edge-of-your-seat interview, our tame hacker spills the beans on the techniques used by malicious actors – including a jaw-dropping moment where he presents our interviewer with his own personal details.

We used a raft of techniques to visually raise the tension, including constant movement, a jarringly cinematic corporate set and wide shots which showed our cameras moving, breaking the barrier between viewer and participants. Our sole purpose was to engage people of all walks of life on this crucial subject to make them aware of cybersecurity challenges and give them advice on protecting themselves.


“You have been a brilliant partner to us. The latest version of the film is intriguing and I remain in awe of your ability to create these materials in such a short space of time!”

Head of Employee Communications, Barclays


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