The client

With over £1TN in assets, L&G is one of the UK’s largest providers of financial services, committed to safeguarding people’s financial futures.

The brief

Mortgages are a complex and evolving financial product, and as we live longer, later-life services are one of the fastest-growing parts of the market.

L&G came to Kaptcha to not just present their later-life products to a growing audience; but to show the very real opportunities which these products unlock for older people and their families.

Creative with Purpose

All too often, financial services is marketed through numbers and percentages.

For L&G we took a completely different path by telling the story of Evadne, a real L&G customer, and the changes she has been able to make in her life using an L&G later-life mortgage.

The film is bright, bathed in warmth and the simplicity and strength of family stories. As well as a clear and very human narrative, the film evokes the trust, confidence and reliability at the heart of L&G’s brand.

As a financial product, compliance was also a key concern; understated but clear and honest overlays cover off key regulatory messaging without interrupting the storytelling at the heart of the film.


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