The client

Established in 1836, Legal & General (L&G) is one of the UK’s leading financial services groups and a major global investor. Legal & General Retirement Institutional (LGRI) is the engine behind many companies’ pension schemes. Its clients are pension trustees and advisors.

The brief

In a time of unparalleled volatility, LGRI wanted to rally employees and clients around “Inclusive Capitalism”, its credible vision of certainty, security and confidence. L&G approached us to help articulate LGRI’s visionary position.

Creative with Purpose

As Covid and climate change jointly present existential challenges to the world we know, LGRI has made a firm commitment, not just to its customers today, but to a model which will support the ambitions of generations to come.

“Inclusive Capitalism” means that each generation serves the needs of the next, while contributing to supporting the pensions of today’s retirees. It’s a powerful and arresting concept, so we built our film around the idea of nurturing a positive future. Shot primarily at the RHS Gardens at Wisley, both the visual tone and voiceover speak to nourishing the next generation and the world they will live in, thinking long-term and working to protect our future interests.

The palette is bright, the pace gentle, the tone reassuring. Instead of the “City and technology” flavour of so many films for banks, ours calls to mind comfort, security and the strength and importance of human relationships.


The film was premiered at a business-wide ‘town hall’ event in August 2021 and achieved a 100% “Excellent” rating from 700 employees in the post-event survey and is now also used at client-facing institutional seminars and public events.


“Kaptcha were magnificent to work with, helping us to craft not only an engaging visual analogy and storyboard but also subtly different versions of the final video to cater for our different distribution channels and audiences. Working to a tight timescale and strict budget, Kaptcha went above and beyond in every aspect, delivering a video which we are extremely proud of and that has received unanimously positive feedback from our key stakeholders.

David Corbett, Marketing Manager, Legal & General



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