Tom's Story


Tom's Story

How we showed what pioneering healthcare really feels like – in under two weeks.

The client

Andiamo has been crowned ‘London’s most innovative tech company’.

It delivers medically effective and ultra-lightweight 3D-printed orthotics, globally, within 2 weeks (compared to a typical three months). Particularly relevant for children with changing needs, the Andiamo platform and advanced clinical service puts families first.

The brief

Sometimes, there isn’t time for a brief. We saw a LinkedIn post by a long-standing client, seeking to raise Andiamo’s profile as part of their CSR initiatives.

Of course we wanted to help, but with a new Andiamo clinic opening in just two weeks, there was no time to waste. We agreed that, along with being used to promote Andiamo and its clinics, the film should spark interest with potential investors – which directly impacts the company’s ability to help more people.

Creative with Purpose

Andiamo is game-changing, but we realised that nothing would give investors a more compelling insight into the company’s value than its impact on the day-to-day lives of patients – and their families.

So when Andiamo introduced us to Tom, a patient, and his mum, Caroline, we didn’t just cover Tom’s consultation. The main body of the film centres on Tom and Caroline, in ordinary, everyday settings delivering a richly layered, engaging and positive story which truly shows what Andiamo can achieve.


‘Tom’s Story’ has transformed the perception of Andiamo among investors.

It has driven meaningful conversations with at least 100 investors across 6 countries on 3 continents, and helped Andiamo achieve a term sheet for $5m.

Watch the video testimonial below.


“Through ‘Tom’s Story’ investors quickly understood our values and the huge impact we are able to have on families’ lives. We know that parents [also] used it in their internal groups to spread the word about us. This for us is worth 1000x more than random views as these are all people we can help directly.”

Naved Parvez, Founder, Andiamo


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