Future Matters

Fortnum & Mason

Future Matters

How we created a remote event worthy of one of the UK’s most prestigious brands.

The client

Founded in 1707, Fortnum & Mason is renowned as London’s leading luxury food emporium.

The flagship store in Piccadilly is a tourist destination in its own right, the brand is loved worldwide, and the business has served everyone from soldiers serving in the Crimean war through expeditions to Everest to the modern Royal Family.

The brief

Every year, Fortnum & Mason’s staff meet in the glorious surroundings of the Piccadilly store to review the achievements of the past year and chart the course ahead.

It’s an opportunity to explore the business beyond the shop floor, too: Fortnum’s has a rich heritage of social responsibility and community activity.

In the straitened circumstances caused by Covid, Fortnum’s approached Kaptcha with a challenging brief: to curate an event led with digital media to bring the company’s global community together, remotely.

Creative with Purpose

We created a hybrid experience with an online audience from the UK and Hong Kong joining live contributions from the leadership team and curated segments (including animation, music and video) featuring a range of authentic voices from across the business.

These stories took Fortnum’s purpose – We Make Joy – and brought it to life, moving from the shop floor to the many communities in which Fortnum’s makes a contribution worldwide. We used our ample TV production experience to orchestrate every script and handover for an impeccably polished event.


The communications team at Fortnum’s report that the event’s storytelling created new pride and energy across the workforce; a team who ‘stand taller’ and feel better equipped to deliver for the business in the next year.

Watch the video testimonial below.


“Kaptcha created an incredible moment in our calendar and created an event packed full of insights, strategic direction, celebration, and a recognition of our people’s storytelling. It had an energy and a beauty about it that I know will be remembered. Kaptcha are incredibly good at getting under the skin of the business and are also a breeze to work with.”

Alexandra Buxton, Culture and Talent Director, Fortnum & Mason


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