The client

BAE Systems is possibly the UK’s best known defence specialist, with over 90,000 employees in 40 countries providing some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions.

The brief

The Farnborough International Air Show is the most prestigious air-focused defence event in the world.

The company had already approached Kaptcha to develop a highlight film for the hall’s main visual display.

While the display film would present BAE Systems’ broad vision for space, additionally, we were commissioned to produce an animation which would demonstrate BAE’s commitment to a completely new data paradigm – using real-time satellite processing and delivery – with a specific law enforcement use case.

Creative with Purpose

Our animation presents an easily understood and entirely linear narrative to demonstrate the importance of satellite and space innovation in innovating the next generation of data-driven defence and law enforcement.

The animation shows the deployment of a constellation of satellites, a marine law enforcement application, and crucially – in simple terms – how data can be seamlessly processed, assessed and used in the field without ever returning to Earth.

The creative is dramatic, building to crescendos with each new evolution of “the art of the possible” in satellite data processing.

We also marry animation with stock footage to show how challenging concepts (multiple satellites working automatically to send data where it’s needed most) yield real-world results (a law enforcement boat speeding to its target).

The animation is ambitious, fast-moving and visionary, positioning BAE Systems at the forefront of aeronautics technology and as a credible strategy leader.

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