The client

BAE Systems is possibly the UK’s best known defence specialist, with over 90,000 employees in 40 countries providing some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions.

The brief

The Farnborough International Air Show is the most prestigious air-focused defence event in the world.

As a leading UK business, BAE Systems had a high-profile and stunning hall. The company approached Kaptcha at short notice to develop a highlight film for the hall’s main visual display, in order to:

  • promote BAE’s space capabilities and applications
  • present the BAE brand as an acknowledged thought leader in this emerging field of defence development

Creative with Purpose

As well as being exceptionally high-profile (both physically in the room and in being seen by leaders across the industry globally), our brief was uniquely complex.

Many visitors would be steeped in today’s military thinking: space represents a genuinely new, and therefore challenging defence frontier.

Our job was to present space positively – as an opportunity with benefits to mankind as well as a defence necessity. To frame the opportunity in terms which an uninformed visitor can understand: for example, a chance to unify cyber and physical strategies. To recognise BAE’s heritage in both space aeronautics and data mining. And all in terms which also subtly reinforce BAE’s role in supporting the UK’s position as a global defence leader.

To achieve all this, our creative is dramatic and delivered on a grand scale – designed for the big screen – whilst earning credibility by featuring BAE’s own leaders.

It positions BAE at the cutting edge (e.g. ‘Minority-Report’-style representations of tech which will be understood by a global audience) and uses arresting visual techniques (e.g. text rendered backwards ‘through the screen’ to drive attention).

See also: BAE Space Animation

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